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Ecosan Concept

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Vacuum technology is particularly applicable to systems designed in accordance with the EcoSan concept. Vacuum toilets and interface valve units are major components of systems where foul and grey water is to be collected and treated separately.

There are numerous examples to demonstrate this.The foul water from vacuum toilets and urinals is collected under vacuum and transported for biological treatment. During treatment biogas is produced having a large methane content together with other biodegradable residues. The biogas can be refined and used as an energy source whilst the biodegradable residues can be mixed with other green waste to produce compost. This can be used as a soil conditioner in either horticulture or agriculture closing the recycling loop.

Loops can be closed including the solid waste streams and eventually create an integrated energy concept. The EXPO-project Flintenbreite (Lübeck) demonstrates the system.

Additionally, the black water can also be collected separately for urine and faeces. The reuse of urine has priority. After urine is gathered undiluted and stored for some months, it can be used as a fertilizer in agriculture. Alternatively certain ingredients (phosphates, nitrates etc.) can be isolated for a further use in the chemical industry. For this purpose Roediger has developped the separation toilet.