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Future Technology

Roediger supplies modern systems to collect and transport domestic and industrial wastewater by means of negative air pressure.

RoeVac® Vacuum Sewer Systems (Outdoor) became a worldwide renown, economic and ecologically viable solution for the collection of wastewater, especially in the case of difficult topography.

RoeVac® Sanitation Systems (Indoor) mean water saving, flexibility in indoor-piping and independence from gravity slope.

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RoeVac® Vacuum Sewer Systems - the economic alternative for the collection of wastewater !

RoeVac® Train-, Marina- and Airport- Evacuation Systems – the essential technology for investors looking for solutions

RoeVac® Vacuum Sanitation System -  the real water saving method with vacuum toilets, flexible and independent from slope inside buldings.

In Hospitals we are processing harmful wastewater. With sustainable ECOSAN-Systems we are closing the loop to recycle ingredients of wastewater.

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